We champion a world where freedom of expression is inclusive and limitless. Where there are no 'bad' ideas. No 'wrong' ways to express yourself, only a million 'right' ways.
We know you’re multi-faceted, and you deserve jewelry that celebrates every part of you. That’s why our adornments are built with the highest quality materials and finished with a poetic eye for detail, fit for the modern-day Renaissance woman to feel herself in.
Please Repeat After Us:
Be *extra* if it liberates you. Take up the space you deserve. Add color if it inspires you. Texture if it moves you. Detail if you’re feeling bold. Layer pieces if they bring you joy.
Be your own muse.

With high-style design and high-value materials, Please Repeat is designed for you to have it all.
  • Expertise

    Founded by third-generation jewelry manufacturers, Please Repeat is infused with decades of experience and know-how in creating standout pieces season after season.

    Every piece is designed with strong lines, dimensional linework and bold shapes.

  • Quality

    Every piece is designed in New York and made with the highest quality of craftsmanship in either signature muted, extra thick 14k Gold Vermeil or shining Sterling Silver with semi-precious stones.*

    *All of our metals used are certified to be conflict free.

  • Value

    You deserve more (and more). We keep our quality high and our prices affordable by curating the best worldwide partners and selling directly to you.**

    **All of our partners are active members of the world’s leading social responsibilities organizations including the RJC.